CIA Fun Facts

Tonight, at a panel discussion at UC Berkeley that was part of The New Yorker College Tour, I learned two things about Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia:

1. There are scales in the bathrooms (according to Lawrence Wright).

2. There is a gift shop that sells CIA golf balls and the like. By the register is a notice: “If you are a covert operative, don’t use your credit card” (according to Jeffrey Goldberg).

The big shock, however, was neither of these. It was, as Hilary Goldstine pointed out, that there were almost no undergraduates in the audience. Which speaks volumes about UC Berkeley. It was a great discussion. Jane Mayer was the third discussant and Orville Schell the moderator.

2 Replies to “CIA Fun Facts”

  1. Could you clarify the line “almost no undergraduates there”? Do you mean at the talk? No B.S. degrees at the CIA?

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